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Exhibition 21 − August 30
Claudio Rosati. Mr. Clo nell'astratto
The Museum of the History of Kiev presents a personal exhibition of contemporary Italian artist Claudio Rosati "Mr. Clo nell'astratto". The exhibition includes 30 paintings by the author.

The paintings of the painter are expressionistically abstract. They are a reflection of spontaneous and personal emotional experience and are characterized by a free technique of execution. Particular attention when creating these works was paid to the variable physical properties of the paint in order to emphasize the depicted experience. The paintings were created in the form of a kind of “mental improvisation” with an intuitive combination of materials.

Claudio Rosati was born in Luxembourg in 1961 in a family of Umbrian emigrants. He studied at the European School, where he discovered a love of painting and sculpture. Entering the world of art, he continued his studies as a restorer and sculptor. Rosati's works are in public and private collections.