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Lviv National Gallery of Art and Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art present the exhibition "Evangelists of Frans Hals".

The exhibition includes two famous works of the classic of Dutch painting - "The Evangelist Luke" and "The Evangelist Matthew". The canvases stored in Odessa are of particular artistic and historical value, since they demonstrate how the works of the great Dutchman looked at supposedly atypical plots for him, which came to us mainly in copies. Unlike his contemporaries, the master avoided the brilliant texture and smooth application of paint in his works. He emphasized the details and endowed his heroes with vividness, thanks to visible strokes and large color spots. This technique became popular only in the 19th century, especially among impressionists.

Frans Hals (1580/81 - 1666) is one of the three leading Golden Age painters of Dutch art. He entered the history of world painting as a brilliant portrait painter, whose innovation was expressed in the ability to create dynamic images and convey the emotional state of his heroes.