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In the galleries of the museum complex "Hazine" is an exhibition “RECOGNITION / RICONOSCIMENTO. Russia - Italy ".

The exposition presents graphic works in various techniques made by 6 Italian and 5 Russian artists.

The authors examine the theme of memory and its interpretation in various printmaking art techniques: silk-screen printing, linocut, etching, collage, etc. The works of young authors reflect the specifics of art systems and worldviews, emerging due to different principles of art education in Italy and Russia. Each artist in a given format created a graphic trilogy. In it, in the language of symbols and associations, they reflect on the history and culture of the two countries, share their ideas and memories of the past and future, of life, how it was once, what will become later, about the imperceptible, but rigorous movement of time that takes place before their eyes and entails inevitable changes.

Based on the official website State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan.