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An exhibition is being held at the Khazine National Art Gallery of the Pushkin Museum "Kondrat Maximov:" ... There is a beauty here "dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the artist.

The exhibition presents paintings by Kondrat Evdokimovich Maximov from the collection of the Pushkin Museum of the RT and the Almetyevsk Picture Gallery named after G.A. Stefanovsky.

Kondrat Maximov found his way in art. The main genres of his work were landscape and still life. He equally admired the forest and a small bush by the road, a split field and an inconspicuous wildflower. Among the artist's works there are works that are deeply lyrical, decorative-romantic and naturalistic. Excellent knowledge of the plant world, love of nature in all its manifestations, expressed in many paintings. The works of Kondrat Evdokimovich are not just a recreation of the image of the world around us, it is an expression of love for nature. His paintings are still popular, they touch the innermost strings of the soul, purify and ennoble the hearts of people.

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