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Exhibition August 24, 2019 − January 5, 2020
Modern landscapes: Li Huai
Li Huayi is one of the pioneers in Chinese ink painting. Its intricate landscapes immerse the viewer in a breathtaking atmosphere, which presents a bold new vision of modern aesthetics.

Li's growing up as an artist was formed in the intense process of becoming China as a world superpower in the second half of the 20th century. Moving in the dramatic political and artistic upheavals of this time, his story is a constant search for a personal voice that could simultaneously fulfill “great synthesis"Chinese art, which centuries of artists have sought, and to reorientate ink painting in a contemporary international context. This search led him from an early education in the traditions of his native Shanghai and academic European oil painting, to propaganda frescoes of socialist realism during the cultural revolution, to abstract expressionism after immigrating to the United States, and ultimately to stunning monumental landscapes of his uniquely individual style.