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Exhibition July 18 − August 25
Осталось 2 дня
Still life. From form to image
Kaluga Museum of Fine Arts holds an exhibition "Still life. From form to image ”.

The exhibition presents paintings from the museum’s collection, reflecting various visions of the genre in the work of artists of the 20-21 centuries.

Still life as an independent genre was developed in the 17th century, using special popularity in Dutch art. But, like any other genre, over the course of several centuries it undergoes rethinking, and already takes on new forms in the works of 20th-century artists. Each author selectively approaches the search for motive, demonstrating personal preferences in both the plot and the style. Many, going beyond the framework of realism, turn to a symbolic interpretation, endowing objects with metaphysical properties. One can observe how the display of life gradually develops into a search for new plastic solutions, in a search for symbolic solutions, in a search for new ways to reflect being.

Based on the official website Kaluga Museum of Fine Arts.