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The State Museum of the History of Religion in St. Petersburg holds an exhibition of sculptor-medalist Andrei Valerievich Mishin “Codex of the sculptor”.

In the exhibition space will be exhibited the artist's work, created by him in the last decade. These are bronze sculptures “The Struggle of Jacob with the Angel”, “The Ladder of Jacob”, “The Holy Family in the Rook” and others. The author’s cast medals in the high relief technique from the Bible in Medals medal cycle are presented in the series XXXIII. New Testament ”,“ Old Testament ”,“ Proverbs of Solomon ”,“ Ecclesiastes ”,“ Song of Songs ”. These series constitute a kind of code or set of “texts”.

Each artist’s work is an invitation to reflect on the eternal moral truths and ways of development of modern religious art. Other works by the author can be seen in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery of the State Historical Museum, the British Museum, the Murmansk Regional Art Museum, the State Russian Museum, and the State Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin.

Based on the official website State Museum of the History of Religion.