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State Museum of the East invites to visit a large-scale exhibition “Preserving the culture. Museum of the Roerichs at VDNH ».

The exposition consists of more than 400 works representing the whole range of artistic work of Nicholas and Svyatoslav Roerichs: paintings of the Roerichs, works of oriental sculpture, Tibetan icons (tanks) collected by Nikolai Roerich during the scientific and artistic expedition to India and Central Asia, which the artist undertook in the middle 1920s.

Painting Nicholas Roerichpresented at the exposition covers 45 years of his creative life. The theme of Ancient Russia is a red thread. The artist’s brushes belong to famous canvases: “Build Rooks”, “Idols”, “Pigeon Book”, “Slavyanskaya Land”, “Yaroslav the Wise”, “Svyatogor” and the so-called “architectural series” (41 studies). The series belongs to the early period and gives an idea of Russian architecture. The exhibition presents famous masterpieces, among them - “The Last Angel”, “Miracle”, “Armageddon”, as well as many works from the series “Himalayas”.

The son of Nicholas Roerich, Svyatoslav Roerich, in his work turned to the East, he lived and worked in India. His painting is dedicated to the life of an Indian village; genre scenes are filled with a deep philosophical sound. Himalayan landscapes appeal to eternal life and beauty. Exhibited paintings: "Spring", "We are also looking for", "Kanchenjunga", "The Sacred Flute", "Silence".

Based on the official website Russian Academy of Arts.