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Exhibition April 20 − August 25
Осталось 3 дня
Symbolism of sculptures
The Museum of Contemporary Art Museum of the Muses continues to acquaint visitors with outstanding representatives of contemporary art and invites Mikhail Vladimirovich Pereyaslavets to a personal exhibition "Symbolism of sculptures".

The exposition includes 60 easel sculptures of the author, including portraits, compositions of historical and mythological subjects.

Mikhail Pereyaslavets is the author of many monumental monuments erected in Russian cities and in other countries. Monuments created by him to V. Surikov in Moscow were widely known; Catherine II in Zerbst (Germany), writer P. Ershov and F. Dostoevsky in Tobolsk; portraits of the general designer of the T-34 tank M. Koshkin, commander M. Kutuzov (museum-panorama "Battle of Borodino", Moscow) and others.