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Exhibition June 26 − October 6
Piskator's Bible - the reference book of Russian icon painters
The State Tretyakov Gallery invites to the exhibition "The Piskator's Bible - the reference book of Russian icon painters".

The large exposition occupies five halls of the gallery. The main block of exhibits consists of 57 works of iconography, engravings, as well as samples of decorative and applied art - products made of wood, metal, bone, and ceramics.

The exhibition is timed to the upcoming edition of the scientific catalog with a sheet description of the unique copy of the Piscator's Bible in 1643 (the first made copy dates back to 1639), which is stored in the collection of rare books in the museum’s scientific library. The publication is remarkable not only for its magnificent engravings, but also for the fact that its pages store traces of fingers stained with paint - evidence that it was painters who used it for work. And how the European engraving influenced domestic masters, they will tell Russian icons of the end of the XVII - beginning of the XVIII century, selected specially for this purpose.

Piskator's Bible served as a rich source of study and inspiration for Russian icon painters, miniaturists, and masters of monumental paintings. Her richly illustrated editions with engravings by Dutch artists of the 16th – 17th centuries were once very popular in Russia. They were collected, turned over and admired by them in the royal libraries, for example, Alexei Mikhailovich and Fyodor Alekseevich, boyars and merchants' chambers. And Russian painters of different centuries, while remaining faithful to the Orthodox canon, were able to organically enrich it with the stylistic features of the Renaissance and Baroque. Russian icon painters sometimes reproduced the entire composition of the engraving, and it happened that they borrowed individual motifs and details. An idea of this is given by the conveniently organized principle of pair exposure: in the halls of the gallery, next to each icon, there is a photograph of the so-called engraving from the Piscator's Bible.

Based on the official website The State Tretyakov Gallery.

1643, 21.3×25.9 cm
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