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Museum and Exhibition Complex "New Jerusalem" is holding an exhibition “XX century - XXI century. From the collection of the museum ".

The exhibition presents works from the collection of the museum "New Jerusalem", including works of such famous masters as A. Volkov, A. Osmerkin, R. Falk, A. Shevchenko.

Their works, of course, decorate the collection, but they do not form the basis of the collection, which has been consistently formed since 1977 and was aimed at “discovering” the names of the art that were undeservedly deleted from the Soviet history. D.E. Gurevich, N.A. Lakov, E.P. Levina-Rozengolts, A.A. Pomansky, A.F. Sofronova, O.A. Sokolova, E.F. Yermilov-Platov and many others went through the avant-garde school, but were far from its extremes, relying in their work on the widest picturesque-plastic and cultural traditions. Appeal to the universal values, to the private world of man, united the masters of this pleiad, who create regardless of party instructions. A valuable addition to the exhibited paintings are works by sculptors of the best local masters.

The presented exhibition is distinguished by its diversity. But all very different masters such as V.A. Bubnov, V.I. Bashlykov, O.V. Lang, I.A. Yudina, I.A. Marz et al. Unites, above all, the interest in solving pictorial - plastic problems and sincere service to his work.

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