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In the Sochi Art Museum passes exhibition of works by Sergei Andriyaka and his students.

The large-scale exposition, which will occupy two floors of the Art Museum, presents watercolor and graphic works of the People's Artist of the Russian Federation, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, rector Sergei Andriaka, as well as students of the Academy of Watercolors and Fine Arts, made in various techniques: painting, drawing, etching, stained glass, mosaic, sculpture of small forms, ceramics, porcelain and enamel, as well as water-color works of very young students of the OC "Sirius". A special place in the exhibition is occupied by student works made in the technique of etching. A separate hall of the museum is dedicated to it.

Sergei Nikolayevich Andriyaka is known in Russia as a master of classic multi-layered watercolors, whose works are remarkable for their monumentality and glorify the expanses of Russian nature, the bright beauty of flowers and the noble dignity of old objects. In parallel with the work of the artist engaged in teaching activities.

Based on the official website Academy of watercolor and fine arts Sergei Andriyaka.