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The Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona (MACBA), with the support of the Embassy of Spain, represent the first in Russia personal exhibition of the Spanish artist and sculptor Jaume Plensa.

This unique project includes sculptures and installations created by the author in the last 30 years of his work.

In his work, the author explores the issues of being: his physical and spiritual essence, the relationship of the present and the past, the relationship between man and nature. With the help of sculpture, he builds his view of the world, but without trying to solve it to the end. The desire to develop their own relationships with the world through sculpture determines its formal decision. The author often works with space on a large scale: creating a work that fits into the landscape, he sets the beginning of a dialogue between the object and the environment, architecture and the people inhabiting the space. The exhibition will show how in the practice of Plensa, whose monumental works can be seen on the streets of Chicago, London, Montreal, Nice and Tokyo, combined figurative images of a person and abstraction.

Based on the official website Moscow Museum of Modern Art.