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Exhibition December 29, 2017 − January 14, 2018
Labyrinth and its inhabitants
Labyrinths and their inhabitants

We are pleased to announce that the opening of the exhibition "Labyrinth and its inhabitants."

At the discovery, we will start exploring, exploring the maze, solving its secrets and secrets.


The project is designed for children, but it will be interesting to everyone who loves riddles and travel. At the opening will perform a wonderful musical group "The branches of wires." Already on Friday, the first quest awaits you, where every viewer can begin to test himself in the passage of the maze. You will find a family, warm, festive mood and a few surprises. We are waiting for everyone to visit our maze, he has prepared a lot of surprises.


In the New Year holidays we will be able to please you, because during the whole exhibition there will be interesting master classes.