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Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents an exhibition "Monaco. Art History.

The exhibition presents the work of two authors - Gerard Pettiti and Claude Rostischer.

The project in MMOMA is a story of friendship between two artists. The works of these two authors differ from each other both in their pictorial manner and in the themes chosen by artists. However, both of them equally closely connect their art with various areas of the natural world. But if Pettiti has a greater response and interest in the world of the fauna, Rostischer, in his works, studies the flora. For both artists, nature is what allows them to be in harmony with time and space.

The project consists not only of the works of Pettiti and Rostischer: artists also dedicate it to their predecessors, teachers and artists of the Monaco art scene: Albert Diato, Leo Fere, Armand Gati, Louis Milne, the masters of the twentieth century, the participants in the development of European modernism and postmodernism. Documentary photographic and video evidence of these authors, included in the exhibition, create a coherent picture of the development of culture and the artistic scene of Monaco during the XX and XXI centuries.

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