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An exhibition of works by Nikolai Tereshchenko, Honored Artist of Russia, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, opens in the halls of the Russian Academy of Arts “Plates. 66. Tablichki ».

The exhibition displays about 100 works created by the author in recent years.

In the creative biography of the author, there are nine solo exhibitions that took place in Russia, Italy, Bulgaria, San Marino, Israel. The works of the author are in the collections of museums and in private collections. My 65-year-old Nikolai Tereshchenko confidently came to those works that the audience will see at this exhibition and will be able to plunge into the world of images and parables, which were embodied by means of paints, cardboard and a brush. The world of the “tablets” of Nikolai Tereshchenko is so voluminous, dense and significant that, it seems, it can change the consciousness and worldview of the viewer. Toothy, fanged, big-eyed, horned, multi-armed and multi-footed, the characters of the “tablets” are a fantastic world created by the artist in which he lives and which helps him to express the state of mind, heart and mind when the author is left alone inspiration. The images created by the artist’s fantasy are always unpredictable and do not resemble one another. They have only one thing in common - they are all good, despite the horns, fangs and grinning teeth.

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