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The Museum and Exhibition Complex of the Russian Academy of Arts and the Art Gallery of Zurab Tsereteli invite you to the exhibition of works by Nikolai Nikolayevich Dudko, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia “Painting tank. Meditation and philosophy of the East ".

The exhibition presents more than four dozen works of the artist, continuing the art of traditional Buddhist painting "tank".

The manufacture of a tank is a complex and lengthy process that requires knowledge, special skills, accuracy and strict sequence of actions. Before starting to draw a deity, the artist reads the appropriate prayers, plunging into deep contemplation. Painting is performed on silk or cotton canvas, covered with a special primer, which consists of chalk or white clay. Paints are natural minerals crushed to a powder and mixed with a bonding base, such as cinnabar, lapis lazuli, malachite. The process of writing the icon involves several stages: the creation of a pencil sketch, toning, drawing contours and the use of gold. The last and most crucial step in the image of the deity is the face image. Particular attention is paid to the eyes: they make the image "alive." The creation of multi-figured compositions from the artist takes up to one and a half years.

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