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The gallery "Dolgorukovskaya 29" presents an exhibition of works by corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts Alexei Blagovestnova "Shiver. Trio".

The exhibition presents sculptures of the author, as well as works by Dmitry Krasnopevtsev and honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts Vladimir Nemukhin.

Such a spectacular mix of authors and styles makes it possible to compare, combine in the same space artists of different times, different types of art. The audience is embarrassed by how the painting of Russian artists of the 20th century, Dmitry Krasnopevtsev and Vladimir Nemukhin, reveals its classic essence next to the sculpture created in the 21st century by Alexei Blagovestnov. Conciseness and detailing agree on one thing - exactly. Accuracy of hitting the image and accuracy of the artist's eyes, looking through time.

Based on the official website Russian Academy of Arts.