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Exhibition November 19 − December 3, 2016
Sunny boys. PAZOLINI.
Version 2016
Art-space of Tanya Strelbitsky "Iron Ball"

The most scandalous genius of the XX century - Pasolini - on the Russian scene!
November 19, 2016 at 18.30 in the newly born Art Space "Iron Ball" will be held the premiere press-screening of the psychological thriller "SOLAR BOYS. PAZOLINI.
Pierre Paolo Pasolini has long become a world film-classic, but the Russian reader and the viewer barely know him as a playwright. The performance, based on the last play of the great Italian film director, poet and writer Affabulazione, gives the public a rare opportunity to discover the genius of Pierre Paolo Pasolini from completely new, sometimes shocking, sides.
The creator of the performance, Tanya Strelbitskaya, is a modern artist and director, winner of the UN Prize, the European Committee for Awards and Prizes for Acts for the Good of the Nations, and an honorary sign International Recognition. In the performance, an equivalent pictorial “accompaniment” to the dramatic action is created by expressive, monumental canvases of its authorship, reflecting the mood of the modern era as accurately as possible and provoking sharp, contradictory emotions in the viewer. The plastic and nerve of the actors, the most powerful conflict of the heroes, the energy of the canvases draw the viewer into a single space of the Iron Ball, making it a full-fledged participant in the performance.
The original music for the production was written by a modern composer and conductor Alexandras Shimelis.
Actors blowing up the Pasolini space: Yuri Anpilogov, Danil Lavrenov, Losev Ira, Stas Motyrev, Lyusya Zatsarinnaya.
Translation from Italian: Alessio Bergamo, Raisa Raskina.
The performance will take place at the address: 2nd Setunsky Passage, Moscow, 5B, Adventure Cinema Park “Master Panin”, premise “Shater” theater.
Collection of guests at 18-00, the beginning of the performance at 19-00. After the performance, an after-party will take place, at which the public will have a unique opportunity to visit the exhibition of paintings by Tanya Strel'bitskaya and talk with the creative team.

photo Sergey Militsky