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Exhibition 12 − May 24, 2017
Exhibition "PRO LOVE" LEGA workshop
About love, about love, about love .... Eternal theme ... love always.
About love for what? To art, to man, to the Fatherland. Here the artist I. Taraeva takes and paints a still life, does she love this pot with a flower? ... No, she loves the process, she inserts a picture of her parents there, and we feel tenderness, love, a mystery. Or a huge female body, which hardly fits in the picture called Crimea, E. Kryuchkova, stretching her arms, absorbs the sun and freedom. Here it is the motherland ....
In the work of V. Kopachev you see spots, lines and you begin to understand that this can only be so, and nothing else, and there is a balance and order in this. This is the love of harmony.
And what does Yandex write about this ...
After a long search, among the love texts that came down to the love of the sexes, this was found, and it tried me on ....
Love from the point of view of philosophy.
In deep antiquity, love was viewed as a kind of absolute, the unifying power of the universe, or as a human way to approach, merge with this absolute. Perhaps this is the archetypical content of the concept of "love." ... The specific content of this feeling from the point of view of the philosophers is dedication, dedication and spiritual closeness arising on this basis.
E. Vecherina