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Exhibition October 9 − November 10, 2016
Merry Go Round
On October 9, the “Here” gallery on Taganka invites you to celebrate the birthday of Andrei Bartenev, a bright and original artist, one of the discoverers of synthetic art in post-Soviet Russia, who combined theater, dance, music, text and visual practices in his work.

In October 2015, Bartenev celebrated his 50th anniversary as part of a large-scale retrospective of his work “Say: I love you!” At the Moscow Museum of Modern Art on Gogol Boulevard.

This year, the holiday will take place in the Municipal Gallery “Here” on Taganka, which, with the arrival of Bartenev in 2016, has become a center for experimental youth art and a creative laboratory.

In honor of the birthday of Bartenev, an audiovisual performance by MEDIASKAZKI group “Apparent reflection of the apparent moon” will take place: artists Dmitry Maksimenkov and Vilen Chuvalov will place their favorite heroes of Soviet cartoons in the context of modern art and will create “live animation” in the format of interactive media collages.

The musical event of the evening will be the performance of a unique electronic musician, composer, founder of the legendary 1980s pop group “Nicolaus Copernicus” Yuri Orlov (DJ Kopernik) and DJ Anton Mints.