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Exhibition August 23 − September 25, 2016
Overripe elephant fingers.
The exhibition under the curator of artist Andrei Bartenev "The ripe fingers of elephants" from August 23, we are waiting for everyone to visit the VZ HERE on Taganka.

The ripe fingers of elephants are not just the name of the exhibition. According to Andrei Bartenev, the fingers of elephants are cans of paint that street artists use. “Why are overripe? Yes, because they splash! - Bartenev considers. “We are opening not another graffiti exhibition, but trying to cover the distance between street art and modern painting, sculpture and video art in one fell swoop, combine them into one installation, destroy everyday life with bright colors and positive images.”
Almost all the summer the gallery was full of work, invisible from the street. In July, an open call was announced, following which the curator selected 50 artists, from quite young to fully adult, whose duties were to appear in the gallery on a specified day and decorate a wall, or a piece of wall, or a separate piece of drywall, or hardboard, or canvas. Already now we can say with confidence that the exhibition “The ripe fingers of elephants” is a rare case in curatorial practice, when the preparatory period is much longer than the exposition, the exhibition has been prepared for two months, and only one will work.

The opening will be performed by artist Alosha Mordasha and his fiery group “Monthly” and Marika & Leopard with a performance “Chaos Sense Delight”.

Participants: Andrei Bartenev, Stas Bags, Misha Most, Nikolai N888K Nikolaev, Denis Thekko, Kirill Booth, Gosha Ykor, Yevgeny Bam, Jan Negodzilla, Chris Riggs, Misha Shtern, Ivan LRKNRK Kovalevsky, Nikita Kurattsev, Konstantin Volkov, Sergey Nikitin, Konstantin Volkov, Sergey Nikritin, Ivan LRKNRK, Kovalevsky, Nikita Kurattsev, Konstantin Volkov, Sergey Nikitin, Sergey Litra, Kovalevsky, Nikita Kurattsev, Konstantin Volkov, Sergey Nikitin, Sergey Litra, Nikita Kuratsev, Konstantin Volkov, Sergey Nikitin Caraffa-Korbut, Roza Po, Anna Birstein, Max Antipov, Andrei sodahaus Salinder, Tanya Strelbitskaya, Alexey Se, Ivan Ninety, Alexei Mednoy, VARENYE ORGANISM, Dmitry Eloom, Kostya August, Zakhar Evseev, Sofia Astashova, Gurgen Petrosyan, Katya Shcheg, Shtekh Dmitry, Gyrhen Petrosyan, Katya Avgust, Zakhar Evseev, Sofia Astashova, Gurgen Petrosyan, Katya August, Shakhtar Glory PTRK, Roman Fedorov, Evgeny Vyguzov, Alexander Zaikin, Elena Velikorodnaya, Nika Chernyaeva, Vasil Zhelezny, Vladimir Perkin, Vasilisa Lipatieva, NEWMAN (Arthur Ilyushkin), Max HIKM, Maxim Tatarintsev, Andrei Petranin, Roman Manikhin, Polina Kukushkina, Evgeniy Ches, Mila Giga, Vladimir Dudkin, Vera Barkalova, Anthony Lev, Arseny Truba, Julia Gvozdeza , 6INISTER, Dmitry Scherbakov, Sasha Kochetkova, Boris Ponomarev.

The exhibition "The ripening fingers of elephants"
August 23 - September 25
Curator - Andrey Bartenev