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Exhibition December 15, 2018 − January 27
The curatorial exhibition project of Andrei Bartenev will tell about the problem of the funny, which is one of the key topics in the work of the author. During the exhibition, modern Moscow artists will present their original works to the audience.

Circus motifs in art are not just a reflection of the plot, but a way of rethinking the world, ranging from the drama of an individual to a comprehensive metaphor. Applying circus rhetoric, artists are able to speak frivolous language on serious topics. Borrowed from the circus buffoonery, dressing up, acting, outrageous on the verge of a trick, focus, optical illusion, a demonstration of the grotesques and unexpected comparisons greatly enriched the visual practices of modern art.

At the exhibition, the viewer will have the opportunity to get acquainted with various types of creativity, to plunge into an atmosphere of joy, ease. More than 60 artists will tell and show how to be optimistic and perceive everything around through the prism of brightness and celebration. All kinds of art from painting to video art on an improvised circus arena will be on display, which the gallery will turn into during the exhibition.