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Exhibition 26 − December 27, 2015
Exhibition of paintings by Tanya Strelbitskaya. Infinite L.YU.B.L.YU.
Infinite L.YU.B.L.YU. Tanya Strelbitskoy.

Dietrich Project & Gallery A3 present:

Exhibition of paintings by Tanya Strelbitskaya.

Only 2 days to see, hear, feel. On December 26 and 27 at the Avant-garde Monastery on Starokonyushenny, DietrichProject, being quite recently a successful art-house bar on Tverskaya, and now an independent art project, with great pleasure presents Tanya Strelbitskaya and her exhibition devoted to Roman Grigorievich Viktyuk, theater director and Folk actor of the Russian Federation.
The redhead beast, the sorceress, a beautiful woman, an artist, a playwright, a director, the brightest representative of expressionism, this time she says L.YU.B.L.Yu. What To whom? We get lost, we look for our own features on her fierce canvases ... In vain. Her L.YU.B.L.YU. - secret! Her L.YU.B.L.Y. - obsession, dusk, her L.YU.B.L.Y. - bloody drama, ... We meet with her in our dreams and, stupefied, we pray for peace ...

“Having fallen in love with her works, you understand that genuine art is supreme freedom, and it can only proclaim supreme freedom, it is incompatible with any authority, or with any authority. Her art is the joy of being herself, and the very process of creativity for her is an activity that gives her pleasure and satisfaction! ”
(Roman Viktyuk)
“Tanya Strelbitsky artist is very modern, her works accurately reflect the uneasy time characteristic of complex political eras. Maybe that's why people with their turbulent experiences are undressed ?, Is it their naked emotions? Emotions taking the form of people? Or the people who laid bare their bodies and emotions before us? Naked feelings. The sharpness of the lines contrast colors. What are they different her heroes!
Tanya reveals them to us without embellishment - expressive gestures, sharply outlined faces, and what hands! Hands play an important role, as well as the eyes - they talk a lot about a person. Man lost, lonely, suffering and not happy, among his own kind. Incredible rhythms of light bodies on huge canvases, originality of compositions and decorative effect. Expressionism is, of course, passion at the limit of the real, it is a special contrasting color scheme, the presence of pure colors of black, red, yellow. This is the emotional expression of the author, not a copy of reality. Tanya is so stunned with her emotions that later, when she comes to herself, you realize that you are a gorgeous colorist! An artist who can not leave anyone indifferent. "

The Dietrich Project is the center of attraction for creative people, an independent project created by the team of Dietrich Bar (Dietrich Bar), destroyed by the Landlord on December 10, 2015, which came together to say L.Yu.B.L.Yu. agitated, beautiful art, which is L.Yu.B.O.V.