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Exhibition April 6 − September 8
Persons from the Chinese past: new directions in drawings
At the exhibition "Persons from the Chinese past: new directions in drawings"Chinese figures are presented, as well as a selection of European prints and miniature portraits. These objects offer insights into the common features and differences in portrait conventions in different cultures. They also show how the two artistic groups influenced each other.

For centuries, landscapes have been more popular in China than paintings of the human figure. Since the 1500s, communication with Europe has helped revive Chinese painting. Thanks to the expansion of world trade, Chinese artists were represented on the European market using engravings. Christian missionaries, many of whom were artists, also demonstrated European methods. These meetings not only introduced new stylistic elements, but also contributed to portrait painting in China. Portraits of Chinese themes, made by European artists, additionally illuminate the art exchange from the 1500s to 1800s.