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Exhibition 2 − December 7, 2017
On the other side of the pain
“The past century ... The current century ... Rethinking endless. ... Where is the fulcrum ??? TODAY IN THE CENTURY OF A QUIET PAIN! ... the swirling life of today drowns out the pain of the centuries, the pain of the warrior, the pain of the poor, the pain of the rich, the pain of the elderly, the pain of themselves ... Compassion is not in fashion. God is not in fashion ... Substitution of the concept of love for a positive ... The “positive” of the inhabitant is a blanket woven from tinsel, escape from oneself, cowardice ... ..

/ from the diaries of Tanya Strelbitskaya.

“A color filled with a conceptual code, a nervous characteristic line, penetrating into the color fury of expressive spots and creating a clear frame construction of pictures, an expressive method of expression, requiring swiftness of spilling onto the surface of emotions and energies, an exact hit on the psychological state of the heroes of canvases, expressive strokes and, already which has become a distinctive brand, a solution to the tragic eyes and a distorted mouth ... Here are some of the characteristics that define the work of Tanya Strel'bitskaya, which became short in Rema symbolic name in contemporary art.

In this project, the artist especially clearly declares his civic position, indifference to the destinies of his contemporaries, and heartache because of the disorder and disunity of our society. The pictures presented at the exhibition speak about the artist’s ability to recognize and feel the experiences of the heroes: love, fear, pain, loneliness, betrayal, wreck, trust ... Tanya Strelbitskaya with her talent and spiritual power creates pictures where the viewer becomes an emotional participant in the events of our era: the era of rethinking ...

Yavorsky Wojciech Tomashevich 9.11.2017 Warsaw