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Exhibition September 14, 2019 − February 2, 2020
Romar Bearden: Something Over Something Else
Exhibition "Something Over Something Else"will be the first to unify dozens of works from the famous Profile series by Romar Berden since its appearance almost 40 years ago.

In November 1977, The New Yorker published the full-length biography of Berden in the Profiles series. The article attracted general attention to the artist, whose takeoff was practically rapid since the late 1960s, and the interview prompted Burden to release his autobiographical collection, Profil. He divided the project into two parts: "Part I / Twenties", which recalled the memories of his youth in the south and in Pittsburgh, and "Part II / Thirties" about his early adult life in New York.

“Something Over Something Else” will be the first exhibition to gather more than 30 collages from the series and recreate the experience of its original presentations in 1978 and 1981, which accompanied the accompanying wall texts written by Burden in collaboration with his friend Albert Murray, an essayist, jazz critic and novelist.