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Kharkiv Art Museum presents the work of Chinese artists, teachers of the Institute of Fine Arts of the Huangansky Pedagogical University "". The exhibition includes works of two main genres of classical Chinese painting: the landscape "Shan-shui" - "mountains and waters" and painting "Hua-nyao" - "flowers and birds". The type of Chinese landscape on long scrolls conveys a general feeling of grandeur and harmony of the world. The image of flowers and birds carries a deep symbolic content. Each picture of this genre has a hidden ideological and emotional meaning.

In Chinese painting, philosophical, cultural, social, religious and ethical traditions are merged together. The basis of Chinese culture is a holistic view of the world, in which philosophical doctrines, a sense of unity with nature, myths, legends and events in the life of real historical characters are intertwined.

Works of Chinese painting combine equally significant components: pictorial, calligraphic, poetic, graphic - in the form of author's seals. In this case, all elements of the picture are harmoniously combined in theme, internal content and style.