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Exhibition July 18 − September 8
Be sharp: a group exhibition of fine art
PIFO Gallery in Beijing presents the project “Be sharp: a group exhibition of fine art". The exhibition brings together the work of artists of different styles and approaches. After a period of maturity of naturalism and realism in China, figurative painting, which emerged after the traditional, became more international and more modern at the same time.

Yin Chaoyang, Kang Haitao, and Zhang Jian linked the external landscape with emotions and feelings, turning realistic landscapes into a spiritual realm, uniting physical experiences in the process of drawing. Based on his experience in the history of painting, Ni Jun showed an interest in real objects. Sun Kun and Chen Zhuo professionally applied realistic style and technique to symbolic figures and the relations between them and the images, which led to transcendental spirituality. Zhou Wenzhong built an unrealistic space using an identifiable configuration, turning the images into a theater. Qi Xing and Jiang Shanchun portrayed realistic situations in the smallest detail, allowing viewers to observe every unnatural detail, thanks to the mastery of an exceptionally naturalistic vision.