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About the exhibition
This is the first large-scale exhibition at the Mint Museum that explores the dynamic environment of a collage. Although this art technique, in which materials are cut, torn and layered to create new meanings and narratives, gained recognition in the early twentieth century thanks to the pioneering works of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Kurt Schwitters and Jean Arp, he survived the Renaissance in America) after the Second World War. A native of Charlotte Romar Burden is widely known for rejuvenating and strengthening technique. His work, which has long been a highlight in the Mint Museum collection, serves as the starting point for this fascinating exhibition.

«Collages from the Mint Museum», Which involves more than 50 international artists and more than 100 works of art, explores the development of collage technique and aesthetics in the work of Berden and his colleagues from the 1950s to the present. The exhibition includes numerous works by Berden, as well as examples of such famous artists as Robert Motherwell, Tim Rollins and C.O.C., Sam Gilliam, Howardin Pindell, Dario Robleto, Donald Sultan and James Rosenquist. The effect of collage aesthetics on painting, printing and photography will also be studied.
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