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About the exhibition
Art Museum of St. Petersburg XX-XXI centuries. (MISP) presents an exhibition of works by the famous Petersburg artist, academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, the national artist of Russia, a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, professor Alexey Yuryevich Talashchuk "The Age of the Sixth Sun".

The exhibition is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the artist, it includes more than 50 watercolors, enamels and paintings, created in different years and giving a comprehensive picture of his creative style.

All the works of Alexei Talashchuk, regardless of their affiliation to a particular type of art, are characterized by a fine visual aesthetics, based on a harmonious combination of refined decorative and associative imagery. The author turns to such techniques as painting, pastel, watercolor, enamel, cutting, etching, art forging, welding, patinating. His works invariably leave a feeling of reverent and mysterious joy, the world of Alexey Talashchuk is a world of surreal, but very convincing and deep.

Based on the official website Museum of Art of St. Petersburg XX – XXI centuries.

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