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About the exhibition
World Club of Odessa presents an exhibition of Oleg Sokolov "100 works for the 100th anniversary". The exhibition includes works by the master from private collections. The author was an experimenter who created graphic cycles that he heard verses without words.

"The styles, hobbies, fashions changed, and his interest in him as an individual, his creativity did not disappear - and the fact is that he could foresee changes in tastes, that his innovation was not counterfeit, but natural, that the search for new forms I could never stop, because stopping is the death of creativity. The artist is a way to live. And he mastered this way masterfully, "writes journalist Yevgeny Golubovsky.

Oleg Sokolov was born in 1919 in Odessa. Study at the art school was interrupted by the war. He continued his studies at the Lvov Art Institute, and when he was demobilized, he returned to Odessa, where he graduated from an art school. He worked as an artist at the Odessa Automobile Assembly Plant, in the Odessa Association of Artists. In the Odessa Museum of Western and Oriental Art, he worked first as a research associate, and then as an exposition manager. He died in 1990. The works are in numerous private collections in the country and abroad - the USA, Japan, Israel, etc.

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