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About the exhibition
Kiev Gallery "White Light" presents a personal exhibition of the painter Ahra Ajinjal "Inner landscape". The exhibition includes laconic landscapes, minimalistic still lifes, restrained portraits, again landscapes with a clear or overcast sky. Paints on the pictures are applied with subtle magical negligence. The author uses a wide brush and a palette knife, and then with thin scratches emphasizes the thickness of the painting layer and completes the holistic and concise image.

Ahra Ajinjal is a Ukrainian artist of Abkhaz origin, painter, graphic artist and art critic. Born in 1962 in Abkhazia. He graduated from the Sukhum art school. He studied at the Department of Art History of the Faculty of History at Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosov, in parallel engaged in drawing and painting. He defended his diploma in the history of modern art of Abkhazia. He worked in the art history magazine "Art of Abkhazia." He is the author of more than fifty articles and reports published in Abkhazia and Russia. Also engaged in book and magazine graphics. Since 1993 he lives and works in Kiev.

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