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About the exhibition
In the Lviv Palace of Arts is an exhibition of Mikhail Turovsky "Man in the landscape of time". A new series of Fingerprint, which is first introduced in Ukraine - about fears of responsibility. Fingerprints, around which each figure is built, become both a point of reference and a cause of closeness, isolation. This is a state of the internal ghetto, in which the fingerprint is the only evidence of a person who gradually dissolves under the weight of the historical flow. Will man survive in the landscape of time?

Mikhail Turovsky was born in 1933 in Kiev. He graduated from the Kiev Art Institute. Since 1957, participates in numerous exhibitions of Ukrainian art in Kiev, Moscow, in many cities of Ukraine, as well as abroad. Since 1962 a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. Since 1979, the artist lives in New York. The works of the author are represented in many museums of the world and in private collections in Ukraine, USA, France, Israel, Russia and Canada.
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