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About the exhibition
The gallery Totibadze Center for Contemporary Art Winery is an exhibition of Denis Rusakov "Mockumentary / Mobile".

The exhibition presents paintings from different periods, combined with everyday scenes: provincial landscapes, road impressions, meetings with friends and much more.

The term mockumentary, or in Russian, “mokumentment”, appeared in the United States and refers to a certain fusion of documentary and art cinema, pseudo-documentary, with the help of which the artistic image of reality is completed. The works of the series of Denis Rusakov as a documentary film, told by the artist. Each work of the "Motion" project as a freeze-frame from the movie called "life", which has a whole story behind it, sometimes with an open ending. The works of the author find a response from viewers from different countries of the world, thanks to the universal values reflected in them. His paintings are in private collections in Russia, the Czech Republic, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, the funds of the Tara Art Museum (THM, Tara), the Art of Omsk Museum (Omsk) and the Street Art Museum (StreetArtMuseum, St. Petersburg).

Based on the official website Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod.

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