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Exhibition June 14 − July 2
Sergey Panasenko. Seasons Self
Karas Gallery in Kiev presents the exhibition of Sergey Panaseko "Seasons Self". Sculptures and paintings of the author reflect a small part of searches, states and reincarnations of a person. Bright colors - as a symbol of an individual’s aspiration to declare himself to the world by trying on various silhouettes, emotions, states. The modern rhythm of life, according to the artist, causes social roles, follow the trends or on the contrary try to develop your exclusive style, but more and more often a person can lose his “I” just by confusing him with his profession, social role, nationality, fashionable preferences political views.

Sergey Panasenko was born in 1983 in Kiev. He studied at the architectural department of the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture (department of drawing and painting). Works in painting and sculpture, designs.

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