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Exhibition January 2 − June 30
Reserve Animalistic from the collection of the museum "Tsaritsyno"
The State Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno offers visitors an exhibition “Reserve. Animalistic from the museum collection ".

The exhibition presents a rich and constantly growing collection of animalistic art of the XIX – XX centuries: graphics, painting, bas-reliefs, sculpture, porcelain, ceramics, textiles, jewelry.

The Tsaritsyn collection allows us to trace how the method of depicting the animal world has changed over the course of a century. In the modern era, sculptors and painters willingly experimented with traditional materials and techniques. Realistic images of animals made by animal painters in scientific expeditions of the first half of the 20th century replaced the expensive photograph at that time. These drawings illustrated biological directories and catalogs. And the decor and images of fantastic animals, which appeared in the second half of the twentieth century, immerse the viewer in the aesthetics of that time.

Based on the official website State Museum Reserve "Tsaritsyno".

Galleries at the exhibition