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About the exhibition
Kiev gallery Triptych: Global Arts Workshop presents a new pictorial series by the contemporary Ukrainian artist Yuriy Shapoval “Beside”. The exhibition includes expressive genre paintings with elements of Mannerism.

“The eyes are not able to see the spiritual world that is around us. And he, in my opinion, is more real and logical than the physical world. I depict the dialogue between man and the Creator in an angelic guise. I believe that such a conversation arises for everyone. But everyone decides to enter into this communication, believing in a miracle on their own, ”says the author.
Yuri Shapoval was born in 1984. He graduated from the Poltava National Technical University. Actively engaged in exhibition activities in Ukraine and abroad. In 2016, he presented his work in the international project “Ukraine EXISTS” (New York, Chicago, New Jersey, Toronto). The artist's works are presented in the Museum of History of Kiev, the Center for Contemporary Art M-17, the Museum of Arts of the Carpathians and private galleries in Ukraine. Lives and works in Poltava.

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