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About the exhibition
Kiev “Ya Gallery” presents the exhibition of Pavel MakovFicus and swallowWhich is dedicated to the state of uncertainty. In his works, the artist depicts objects with their presence effects and moments of intensity. An important motive of the author is the existence at the intersection of the poles - between reality and dream, between private and public, between female and male.

“The title of the exhibition seems to hint at the symbolic dimension and hidden meanings of the project, but this is not so. Macs do not depict objects to encourage the search for the correct values hidden under the symbolic shell. On the contrary, he is interested in the objects themselves with their presence effects and moments of intensity. Both the ficus and the swallow are no exception, ”says art critic Boris Filonenko.

Pavel Makov was born in 1958 in Leningrad. He studied at the Crimean Art School, at the Institute of Painting. I. E. Repin and the Faculty of Graphics of the Kharkov Art and Industry Institute. Works in the technique of graphics and etching. Member of the Royal Society of Painters and Graphs of Great Britain since 1994. Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1998 and corresponding member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine since 2006. He lives and works in Kharkov.

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