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Exhibition 7 − June 30
Evgeny Potapov. Contrasts
Lviv Palace of Arts presents the exhibition of Evgeny Potapov “Contrasts". The exhibition includes works by the artist, created over the past five years. The name reflects the use of different styles - from realism to abstraction. In his work the painter perceives such a transition as natural - he always created as he wanted and felt.

Yevgeny Potapov was born in 1949 in Lviv. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture "Lviv Polytechnic". Creative work continued to improve in the art studio at the House of Architects. Works in the field of easel painting. Heads the department of fine and applied arts, teaches drawing, drawing and painting at the School of Fine Arts of the Center for Children's and Children's Art of Galicia Participant of international and regional exhibitions. Works are in museums and private collections in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Canada.

Galleries at the exhibition