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Exhibition May 29 − June 23
Alexandra Pregel: The Path to Russia
The house-museum of Marina Tsvetaeva invites to the exhibition “Alexandra Pregel: The Path to Russia”.

In the center of the exposition there are unique man-made books created by Alexandra Nikolaevna Pregel in a single copy in 1944-1945, according to A.S. Pushkin and the works of A.A. Block. The Russian spectator will see the two man-made “blok” books by Alexandra Pregel for the first time. The exhibition also presents wonderful portraits and personal belongings of Alexandra Pregel.

The work of Alexandra Pregel (1907–1984), a talented artist who created original works of plastic art, alas, is little known in Russia. Her figurative compositions, portraits, still lifes, interiors, cityscapes are attractive both visually and emotionally. The artist, who was born in Helsingfors (Helsinki) and lived in Russia for only 4 years, always considered herself Russian. Her creative legacy: painting, graphics, photos, family archives, Alexandra Pregel, during her lifetime, wished to transfer to Russia.

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