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About the exhibition
Tver Regional Art Gallery presents an exhibition of one painting "The man of the kindest heart". The exhibition features a portrait of the governor of Tver, Afanasy Nikolayevich Somov, by A. N. Novoskoltsev.

The exhibited portrait owes its appearance to the 20th anniversary of A. N. Somov's tenure as chief of the Tver province.

The ministry of Afanasy Nikolayevich Somov (1824–1899) as head of the Tver province was a happy example of administrative longevity: he held this post for 22 years, arranging absolutely everyone: the emperor, interior ministers, bishops, zemstvo, local society and even the liberal opposition .

The Tver City Council, honoring the hero of the day in 1888, decided to hang a portrait of the governor in her conference room, which at that time was one of the most honorable ways of recognizing merit and preserving the memory of a person. In the same year, Alexander Nikanorovich Novoskoltsev, Associate Professor of the Academy of Arts (1853-1919) completed the order, and the portrait, in a luxurious frame with the Somov family coat of arms, took its place. After the revolution, he was in the museum, and from there he moved to the Art Gallery.

Based on the materials of the official site Tver Regional Art Gallery.
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