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About the exhibition
On June 1, Lera Litvinova Gallery met cultural figures and art lovers at the opening of the reporting exhibition "En plein air à Rybalsky". The unique chronicles of the project, the process of creating a performance and media art were broadcast using LG OLED TVs as during the opening of the exhibition, so they can be seen until June 29.
Recall that on May 15-18 Lera Litvinova Gallery conducted an art project "En plein air à Rybalsky" in a residential area of RYBALSKY with the participation of 13 artists, which included an open-air for artists, master classes, the creation of performance and media art, a lecture - research on the history of art.
What can inspire an artist more than living and inanimate nature! Majestic mountains and immense steppes, picturesque landscapes and city views, cozy streets, parks and rivers - the beauty of the surrounding world inspired creative people for centuries. Plein airs were especially popular with the Impressionists (that's when the plein air as the term became widely used). The project "En plein air à Rybalsky" also took place on the territory of the RYBALSKY residential area, thanks to which artists had the opportunity to be inspired by the views of Podil and Dnieper from the upper floors of houses, the aesthetics of the industrial landscape, to capture the revival and changes of the island.
Leonora Yanko, director of the Lera Litvinova Gallery: “On the one hand, I would like our project“ En plein air à Rybalsky ”to convey the atmosphere of a traditional plein air, as, for example, the impressionist artists worked, where each participant transmits in his own way That unique atmosphere combining light and air, forms and perspectives. On the other hand, the process of creative interaction of the authors became the object of the artists' work; a series of portraits of artists, curators, and performers appeared, while retaining one of the main features of the plein air - a true reflection of the colorful richness of nature in its natural environment. ”
Lera Litvinova Gallery expresses gratitude to the partners of the RYBALSKY project and the leading producer of materials for professional artists ROSA, as well as the Ukrainian office of LG Ukraine, because supporting cultural projects is not only a sign of the sociocultural responsibility of companies, but the degree of public readiness for the development of the country.
The exhibition is open from June 1 to June 29 according to the gallery schedule (Tuesday-Saturday from 12:00 to 19:00 | Weekends: Monday, Sunday).
Address: Kiev, st. Embankment-Rybalskaya, 3 (the territory of the LCD Rybalsky). Free admission., e-mail: tel. 050 033 33 17
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