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About the exhibition
Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists on the street. Begovoy presents jubilee exhibition "Dialogue of shape and color".

The exposition acquaints visitors with the work of talented representatives of the Moscow art school - paintings by Olga Viktorovna Tikhonova and ceramics by Natalia Bodrikova.

The Moscow School is a unique and significant phenomenon in Russian art, which arose at the end of the 19th century and determined the national artistic life for centuries to come. The Moscow school is characterized by high professionalism and constant artistic search, integrity of perception and display, the use of full-scale works and plein airs, the ability to convey the transience of moments, love of native nature and Russian land, Russian people, understanding of beauty and mastery of impressing it with artistic means. their works. The works of O. Tikhonova and N. Bodrikova are in large museums of Russia, foreign private collections. Their work is marked by awards of the Russian Academy of Arts, the Union of Artists of Russia and the Moscow Union of Artists. Artists are engaged not only in creativity, but also in the popularization of art, they conduct master classes and round tables in the framework of symposia and events of the Moscow Union of Artists, they participate in social projects and educational programs.

Based on the official website Russian Academy of Arts.

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