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About the exhibition
Novosibirsk Art Museum presents an exhibition of works by young Moscow artists Dmitry Gusev and Maria Shadchneva "Covenant".

The artists at the exhibition will show their key to understanding the Russian soul, which is known to many historians, writers and painters. The language of images and colors they tell about the mystery of Russia.

The source of inspiration was the age-old taiga, legends and tales of the peoples of the Arctic - the artists made many expeditions to Siberia. The result is more than a hundred paintings, graphic sheets and ethnographic sketches presented at the exhibition.

The Old Believers are of particular interest to artists - people who carried through the centuries and preserved the spirit and strength of our people.

The married couple Dmitry Gusev and Maria Shadchneva graduated from the Ilya Glazunov Academy, both are members of the Artists' Union of Russia.

According to the official siteNovosibirsk Art Museum.

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