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About the exhibition
The exhibition opened in Suzdal, in the exhibition hall of the museum complex "Kremlin" "Gold ring of Russia".

The works in the exhibition were created by masters of the Vladimir school of painting, among which: V.Ya. Yukin, K.N. Britov, V.G. Kokurin, N.A. Mokrov, N.N. Modorov and their followers. On 29 canvases, artists talk about Suzdal, Vladimir, Rostov the Great, Sergiev Posad ...

Exhibited paintings from the funds of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve.

A distinctive school in the Vladimir region appeared in the early 1960s on the wave of a general interest in landscape as an independent genre of Soviet art. The artists managed to form a bright pictorial system: this is an unusual understanding of the composition, and special techniques, and the conventionality of the color solution.

Based on the materials of the official site Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve.
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