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About the exhibition
Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve presents an exhibition "It's all still life".

The exposition includes 55 still lifes of the XIX - XX centuries belonging to 35 authors from the museum funds.

In the pictures by I. Levitan, I. Mashkov, P. Konchalovsky, A. Gerasimov and S. Gerasimov, V. Perelman, E. Lancere and N. Kuznetsov, the viewer can see popular images of flowers, fruits, food, and even the motive “vanity »As a symbolic reminder of the impermanence of all earthly things.

In the twentieth century, still life "spoke" not only about objects - their beauty, texture, meaning, - but also about historical changes in the life of Russia.

The exhibition is harmoniously complemented by works by representatives of the Vladimir school of painting - V. Yukina, V. Kokurin, E. Telegin.

Based on the materials of the official site Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve.
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