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About the exhibition
Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art in conjunction with the gallery pop / off / art, Moscow present the exhibition “Between zero and one. Alexander Pankin and the avant-gardes ".

The exhibition features over 120 works by Pankin, some of which are shown for the first time. In addition, the exhibition will feature works by artists consonant with the work of Alexander Pankin and the concept of the project, such as Yuri Albert, KP Bremer, Rick de Boo, Fedor Vetklov, Johan de Wilde, Sofia Gubaidulina, Yuri Zlotnikov, Nikolai Kasatkin, Sergey Katran, Vladimir Kobrin, Vyacheslav Koleichuk, Lev Nusberg, Alexander Rodchenko, Fyodor Pankin, Artavazd Peleshyan, Pyotr Pospelov, Andrey Smirnov, Vladimir Favorsky, Konstantin Flondor, Yakov Chernikhov, Boris Ender, Maria Ender, Nikolai Suetin, Ilya Chashnik.

Alexander Pankin (born in 1938) is an artist who has been in continuous development for almost sixty years. In 1963, he graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute, at the same time engaged in the visual arts. His work has undergone a non-standard evolution - at the beginning he is experimenting with current areas of abstract art, in the 1970s, partly under the influence of Elia Belutin, he retreats to the expressionism language filled with metaphors, and in the 1990s he moves on to an analytical abstraction named by him by “meta-abstraction” itself - by art, exploring the language of non-objectivity, methods of mathematical and other scientific research. Alexander Pankin is the author of more than thirty solo exhibitions, including at the NCCA (Moscow). His works are in collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), the State Center for Contemporary Art (Moscow), in a number of regional museums in Russia, and domestic and foreign private collections.

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