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About the exhibition
The Museum of Modern Art of Odessa and the Odessa Classics Festival present a joint project "Music of the Spheres". The exhibition was based on works by Oleg Sokolov from the MSIO collection and from the collections of well-known collectors of Kiev and Odessa: Larisa Akimenko, Denis Voloshin, Yevgeny Demenko, Eduard Dymshits, Leonid Komsky, Kostins family, Dmitry Pedakhovsky, Rosencrants family, Vyacheslav Stoyanov. Pictures created by the artist in different years. These are works devoted to music, as well as figurative and abstract compositions based on complex associations that immerse the viewer into the author’s world of ideas and images.

The exhibition also includes an epic canvas by Alexander Roitburd called “The Hymn to the Demons and Heroes”. The picture is full of drama and calls for reflection.

The visual design of the project used the work of Oleg Sokolov "Around the bush."

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