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About the exhibition
Serge Sorokko Gallery in the framework of Kyiv Art Fair 2019 presented the work of three outstanding artists - Valentina Popova (USA), Viktor Sidorenko (Ukraine) and Hunt Slonem (USA).

Serge Sorokko Gallery is located in the center of San Francisco. The founder and owner of the gallery is Serge Sorokko. The gallery contributes to the development of new artists, and also exhibits collections of recognized American and European artists.

Valentin Popov was born in 1956 in Kiev. He graduated from the Kiev State Art School and the Kiev State Art Institute (Academy of Arts of Ukraine). Foreign member of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine.

Victor Sidorenko was born in Taldy-Kurgan in 1953. Full member (academician) and vice-president of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine (since 1996). People's Artist of Ukraine since 1998. Candidate of Art History, Professor of Painting. In 2001, he founded and headed the Institute of Contemporary Art at the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine.

Hunt Slonem was born in 1951 in Kittery (USA). American painter and sculptor, world famous for his colorful images of tropical birds, painted from life. The works of the artist are represented in more than 80 museums of fine art; his solo exhibitions are regularly held in major museums and galleries in the world.

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